The Last Gas Station – Teaser

Hey. So, I finally got my screen capture software working and made this teaser video for my forthcoming episode. Hope you like it.


Narrative possibilities

I’ve been playing with the idea of spatial narratives (heh, that sounds posh!) – elements of thoughts/dialogue that are tied to zones, objects and happenings in 3D space. I’m really interested in the idea of each reader/player having a slightly different experience each time they play Episode 6. I don’t mean like, making endless branching narrative ...


Games designer?

It’s funny how things evolve. I’ve been working on Episode 6 now for quite a long time (although in game development terms, maybe not all that long; some games take many years to make even with HUGE teams of talented people working on them with big budgets!!) and although I’ve come close to feeling like it’s ready ...