The Last Gas Station – Release One!

Phew, well I thought I’d never get there but… I’VE DONE IT!! I’ve actually made a fully playable and (hopefully) shiny release of my new episode The Last Gas Station, and it’s available NOW! Plus there’s a fantastic music pack (14 tracks) from the story for download, too. I’m calling this “release one” …but wait: what does ...

The Last Gas Station – Teaser

Hey. So, I finally got my screen capture software working and made this teaser video for my forthcoming episode. Hope you like it.


Alice Field checking in

Hey. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m currently making The Last Gas Station (episode six, no less) of my digital narrative series Inanimate Alice. This blog documents how I’m building the work. I hope you find it interesting. I’m nineteen years old, I have a boyfriend and I work at a remote gas station just outside the ...